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What is ShowUps?

ShowUps is a toolkit that empowers any creator, brand or community to easily:

  • Create an online members club
  • Distribute digital member passes to their community
  • Configure the perks members of the club will get

Club passes can give time-limited access (e.g. a 2023 pass, can be lifetime memberships or can even be specific to one item or use e.g. a club pass which gives access to one specific event or allows the holder to claim one product

Who Is ShowUps for?

ShowUps is for anybody that has a community, has something of value to offer and wants to make private or premium content available to at least some of their audience e.g.

  • Artists
  • Athletes
  • Authors
  • Bloggers
  • Brands
  • Coaches
  • Educators
  • Filmmakers
  • Gamers
  • Influencers
  • Youtuber
  • Tiktoker
  • Twitch Streamers

How does it work?

Create new Club:

Name your club, specify maximum number of members you want, add artwork to your passes, select the perks your club members should have, create different membership levels like gold/silver/bronze.

That's it, we will create your club passes (NFTs) and you are done!

Not sure what perks you want to add, or want to add more perks later? No problem, you can add perks anytime, they will become automatically available to your members.

We will create a web page for your community to claim their passes. We can host it for you or you can place it on your site.

This page will also serve as a permanent gateway to the club experience, where club members can view and access all their perks. This page can be fully customized to your brand.

Check out some examples -

Tell your community where to go to claim their club passes... now all they need to do is Show UP

What are ShowUps perks?

Perks are anything that your club members get in return for owning your club pass. We make it easy to offer valuable perks.

We currently have a
- Token-gated media platform
- Link-tree style page for your community

We are building:
- Custom avatars you can offer your community to meet online
- Store integrations to offer members-only products both physical and digital
- Token-gated access to IRL or online events including (Zoom) calls, livestreams, metaverse events, concerts and more

In theory, anything can be offered to members and access controlled by ownership of your member pass NFT token.

  • Want something else? Let us know!

If you decide to add more perks to your club pass, your community members need to do… nothing! Perks are automatically added to the club passes.

Just let them know and tell them to Show Up

Why Should I Stop Using YouTube/Twitter/Instagram & Move To ShowUps?

You shouldn't.

You should continue to publish content on your existing platforms to maintain / grow your public audience. Keep doing what you are doing. ShowUps is for special, premium or private content you want to share with your superfans that have earned or paid extra for it.

Releasing a new piece of key content? You could release it on ShowUps first as a premiere for your superfans. Let them create fomo on public social media, then release it to the world a day or two later on YouTube. It's up to you how you use ShowUps and how you reward your superfans and members.

ShowUps also helps ensure that your members, collectors and superfans see your content. It is easy to miss posts on Twitter and Instagram where organic reach can be as low as 5%. So if it's super important, post it on Instagram/Twitter etc and ShowUps.

Think of it like a web3 version of Patreon... or a private conversation with you and your superfans.

Is it complicated and do my community need to understand crypto?

ShowUps is designed to be super simple. We are integrating credit/debit card, iDeal and local payment solutions so it should be as easy as shopping on Amazon. A crypto wallet will be created instantly for your customers and details emailed to them after they check out. If they want to pay with crypto that's ok too, but not necessary.

Why Use ShowUps?

ShowUps is an attractive way for communities to improve communication and increase impact for many reasons.

It involves new technology and shows you are innovative and moving with the times.

It provides communities with exciting new ways to interact with the creators, brands and causes they know and love.

It allows communities to take the first steps in moving away from restrictive social media platforms towards environments where they have more freedom and control.

It allows communities more control over how they organise themselves - from raising funding, to artistic freedom, to direct communication between creators and audiences, to control over advertising and sponsorships and every aspect of the relationship between creators / brands and their audience.

It is a more sustainable form of community management, without the interference of a "middleman" in between.

Can I charge money for ShowUps club passes?


Some creators start with a free claim for highly engaged fans. Others charge and raise millions of dollars in hours.

The main use case of ShowUps is to identify the biggest fans in your audience and give them the opportunity to earn or purchase exclusive access to new experiences.

This could be direct access to the creator, exclusive art, fashion or co-creation. Mentoring, advice, education or courses. Discounts to events, in-person meetups or anything else you can imagine.

Depending on the size of your audience and how many members passes you want to issue and the price you want to charge, the revenue can vary. We can help calculate that.

On the initial or "primary" sale, you can distribute them for free, charge a fee, or a combination of both. We provide you an integrated payment solution so that your community can easily pay with credit cards, local payment solutions or digital solutions like USDC and many others.

After the initial "primary" sale, your community can resell and trade the club passes on a "secondary" market to other members of your community and you will get a % of any re-sale 🙂

Many creators use the funds raised to develop new tools to develop more direct relationships with their communities. For example, funds raised could be used for marketing to increase club membership or to integrate new digital tools to make you less reliant on social media platforms and bring your club members and community to your website (instead of youtube or twitch for example) for some events.

Where does my new members club exist?

We provide a web page with custom URL which you can consider the “entrance” or “foyer” to your club, here your members can connect their club passes and see their available perks. Think of it like a LinkTree, in fact we can configure it with your existing LinkTree content as well as your member club content. We can host this page or it can be on your site. Here is the ShowUps page

But your club exists anywhere that you want, either in digital places like the web or in real life. The places your club members can visit, connect their club passes to and enjoy perks can include:

  • Your website
  • Your sponsors’ web-sites
  • Web shops
  • IRL stores
  • IRL events (as tickets)
  • Metaverse spaces
  • Webinars, Zoom or other calls you want to make accessible only to your club members
  • … and many more.

Have another idea? We can probably make it happen, contact us and we will Show Up to make it happen

Could ShowUps help if we have a new product, song, video or stream dropping?

Put it on your ShowUps media platform, mark it private and it is immediately only accessible to members of your club that hold your token.

Perfect to give early access to your community. Create hype & FOMO amongst your core fans before releasing to the general public.

Or make it permanently exclusive to only your club members.

Imagine one of your most anticipated events and instead of releasing on a social media platform, you release it instead on your own site or platform, using club passes to bring your true supporters to your new site. You control access, advertising, sponsorship, the entire experience.

Want to drop additional club passes or one-time-event-only passes for a special event or campaign? Yes, we can do that too.

Everything is possible with ShowUps

What if I just want to sell one song or one item - Can I have just one perk?

That's no problem, you can include as many or as few perks as you want. You can even create a club with zero perks, though we do not normally recommend that.

Your club pass could have one perk which is one song - that's it. Or it could be one live IRL event... essentially a ticket. Or it could be a physical product you are making. Or a combination of a physical and digital product e.g. a digital painting online and a printed copy of the same painting that members can request to have delivered to their homes.

You can create one club or many clubs. A club can represent your entire brand or it can represent just one product or service.

You can create a club just for one perk but later decide to add more perks over the next 10 years.

Or create a club with just 1,000 club passes for your 1,000 true fans... but when you are hosting a big event create another club with 10,000 club passes so that the general public can join that event.

The possibilities are endless.

Can ShowUps be used to sell physical products?

Yes. You could create a club with a perk that represents a physical product, have your community buy the member pass and they can use that pass to access and redeem a physical product.

We will provide the interface on your club page for your community to connect with their member pass, provide their delivery details and claim their physical product.

It could be merch, print of an artwork, a product you sell or anything else that can be sold on the internet and delivered.

Wait, we can use ShowUps for sponsorship deals?

Yes, this is one of the biggest benefits. Want to give your club members a sneak peak of a new product from your sponsor? Done, we add the access to to your club pass and your members immediately get private access to your sponsor's video, web-page, shop or event.

Have you arranged a new sponsorship deal? Add it to your club pass, your members can now access gifts, discounts or early access to IRL or online stores just by holding your club pass. Send them to your sponsors website or event, they connect their club pass to the store / checkout and they claim their perks.

All your community needs to do is Show Up.

Are these NFTs?

We use NFT/blockchain technology to create the club passes. It is important to note that ShowUps is designed to be inclusive of all people, regardless of their technology experience, allowing them to easily and safely buy, store and transfer their club passes & NFTs using credit cards, email signup and all their familiar methods of using the internet.

We focus on a great user experience rather than the technology under the hood. We focus on you, your brand and the benefits you are offering.

Important to note that self custody is strongly promoted and fully supported at every level of the customer journey. We also believe that every step towards a decentraized web3 world, however small, is a step in the right direction.

The entire internet & world becomes my club?

To an extent, yes. Holders of your club pass can access web pages that nobody else can, they can access events that nobody else can, they can access Zoom calls that nobody else can, they can claim free gifts from online stores that nobody else can.

The club pass turns any IRL or digital event into your (semi-)private space, if you want. Not only that, your partners' or sponsors’ content can become accessible only to your members.

All they need to do is own your club pass... and Show Up

Can we brand ShowUps ourselves... white label?

Yes. Your community, your brand, your communication. Our branding does not need to appear anywhere.

You are welcome to use the ShowUps platform, however you can use our backend services on your own website white labelled as well. If you want complete control, you can simply opt-out of the ShowUps platform and control the entire experience on your own web properties.

It's all about how you show up.

What If I Already Have Released (Art) NFTs or Other Tokens?

Perfect! We can take your existing smart contract address (or multiple contract addresses) and set you up a linktree-style page and configure it so that only your (art) token holders can access token-gated services like private media platform, store, deliveries, ticketing and more.

Artists: Imagine all of your art collectors from different platforms (Opensea, Super-rare, Foundation etc) all having one place to go to see your members-only content and catch up with your progress. No more getting lost in the Twitter feed. No headache of Discord overload for your fans. A simple website/mobile interface for you to communicate with your collectors

Crypto token projects: All token holders can login with their wallets and see the updates you want to share.

NFT Collections / PFPs: A new way to communicate with your token holders. They can sign up for email alerts and never miss another update.