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Why Join?

Web3 represents a transformative moment for creators, with unprecedented opportunities to engage with and generate revenue from your fans in new and exciting ways.

At ShowUps, we scour the world for the latest and greatest creator-focused web3 tools, systems and people. We seek out the movers and shakers… the artists, creators and builders that have already “made it”, then we dig into their successes and even failures.

We share all of this with you primarily via email, so that armed with a new wealth of knowledge… you can go out there and crush it.

Unleash your creativity… release digital art and collectibles that offer groundbreaking access and experiences to your fans. Raise new additional revenue streams without the fees and restrictions of traditional platforms.

Take full control of your creations, your brand, and your destiny. Build upon your loyal following, have a more personal relationship with them on your terms… and reach for the stars.

The good news: There is no need for you to stop earning from traditional web2 social media platforms… web3 monetization can be purely additive to what you are already doing

The not-so-good news: It is new, rough around the edges and has a learning curve

The great news: We are here to accelerate your web3 journey, safely and successfully, so you can Show Up and crush it

ShowUps - Influencers

What to Expect From ShowUps


The Big Picture


We will share guides, resources and real-life stories exemplifying how you can launch web3 digital products, art, memberships and experiences to your followers… unlocking new value from your existing relationship with your fans. Our primary medium is email, which is why you will see many, many invitations to subscribe to our email newsletter… did you subscribe yet anon?

We promise – in fact we could even say guarantee – to always focus on quality information and to be transparent… with our top priority being to benefit you, our audience of creators. We expect ShowUps to be one of your primary sources of trusted information… and certainly the place you turn to when unsure or in search of advice. We take that seriously.

But we hope it will also become your community of other like-minded creators, your private club of pioneering entrepreneurs who share this exciting journey with you and with whom you can share experience and lean on for support. You may be a youtuber, she may be a writer, but you are both on the same path, leading your fans and followers into the great web3 adventure. We aim to foster a sense of community. It’s not necessary of course… you can consume content and go your own way. But we will try to make it a place you want to come to… with people you want to spend time with. Because we do not have all the answers and even though it sounds like (and is) a cheesy corporate slogan, we really are stronger together.

Consider this, our thesis: A new way of creating real economies out of communities has just been born thanks to blockchain and NFTS and it will change the way humans interact with each other forever. If web2 was the birth of the “Find your Tribe, connect with them wherever they are in the world”… then web3 is the birth of “Transform the way your Tribe functions, now with your own untouchable economy that transcends borders and limitations”. We are moving towards a new era in which communities and groups can create and operate their own networks, organize and transact as they see fit, free from centralized platforms, institutions or other outside authorities.

This might all sound a bit freakie-deakie to some, but we believe a perfect storm is on the horizon and quite frankly, a golden age of creator communities is about to explode. More children today want to be youtubers or tiktokers than astronauts. Faith in institutions is gone and people are more likely to turn to a podcaster or writer for guidance than to a traditional authority figures. More people watch Joe Rogan than CNN. The influencer and community leader, the person with an audience has already become the most powerful person in the room… it’s just not 100% obvious to everybody yet. We can’t say exactly when the critical mass of realization will be reached, but it will be soon. And once the spark is lit… web3 will be the dry powder keg that blows the doors off and empowers creators to ascend to new levels of influence… pun intended. We believe it will be glorious and that none of us are fully prepared for it. But some of us are at least lacing our shoes and we invite you to join us. Humans find it hard to think in exponential terms, but when the storm hits, it will seem obvious in hindsight. The tools and infrastructure for this new economy are still being built, but those that seize the opportunity early will be the leaders. And that’s our mission here, to guide the way, to find it together and help as many people as possible to Show Up in this new world.


Will You Join Us?



A Bit More Detail


Now that we are all clear on the grand vision and brave new world we are marching towards, what tf does that look like day-to-day? Well… we will be focusing on very practical ways to get started with this new technology and prepare ourselves as community leaders and our fans for the first steps of an exciting journey.

We will be sharing tools, systems & processes. Podcasts, articles, short videos, guides, contact lists, case studies, deep dives on what and who you need to know to succeed in web3. Companies, groups, other communities doing interesting things that you may want to engage with. Our ultimate goal is that for any subject related to managing a community or launching a product or service in web3 that you have questions about, there will be an answer somewhere in the ShowUps repository. And if not, we will make one. No bullshit, no scams, no hyped promises… just real people taking real steps to learn and grow and Show Up to make the most of this new opportunity.

We use our significant industry experience and wide network to distill the best and latest information, products, services and knowledge for you and deliver it to your Inbox every week. Well… every week or so… we have not fully decided the cadence yet… and we have been known to be pleasantly and artistically mildly unstructured at times lol. But come it will… and it will contain what we believe are the most important things to know to succeed in web3.

As our content and community grow, we will build out more resources, references, courses and whatever you, the community, tell us you want. And of course what we see working in the market for real people in their businesses and communities… we will double down on.

In terms of reach, we have 8,000 on twitter, around 500 on Discord, 1,500 on email right now. We will be looking to increase those numbers fairly quickly and significantly. Therefore, we will also be launching more resources, products and tools to better share information. Members areas, IRL and online meetups, podcasts, member highlights, information repositories and of course we will launch our own web3 membership token (NFT). Because that is why we are all here – to tokenize the world… one community at a time… and seize the future together.

All of our email subscribers will be offered access to our genesis NFT, I guess it’s a reason to join, but the real value we hope will be in the relationships and the real-world usefulness and utility we bring. We fully expect to see some of the biggest forces of the future begin the journey of growing and scaling their web3 activities here at ShowUps.

ShowUps is by creators for creators. Our founder is an entertainer and live performance artist who also happens to have 8 years experience in crypto and 3 years in-depth experience in web3 and NFTs with a broad network of personal relationships with many leading personalities in the space.

And we want to keep those personal relationships and keep it in the fam. As we grow, we plan to involve more of our community in the ShowUps team… to make it somewhat of a grassroots movement. Together we got this.


Will You Join Us?


Some Concrete Examples Of What To Expect


Using our not insignificant network of web3 pioneers that we built up over the last years, we will be speaking to OG artists and creators that have made careers selling NFT art and dive into exactly what they did right and wrong, so you can benefit from their learnings over the years.

You will benefit from interviews with founders of leading software tools and protocols, to understand the pros an cons of their tools from creator perspective and we will test drive them ourselves.

We will share practical advice on the essentials you need to get started and step-by-step guides on exactly how to do it. From setting up secure wallets to exchange accounts. What new services you may need and who to contact for them. From creating NFT smart contracts to allow lists. From ideas on what digital products you should consider for your audience to tax considerations and how you should communicate.

Everything you need to safely and successfully delight your fans and create rewarding new experiences in this new economy.


What About Long Term Vision And Costs?


Ultimately, we plan to build our own web3 software stack and tools based specifically on the feedback and needs of you and the community. You will be the first to get access and we even have plans to offer our community a stake in our future ventures. Though nothing is set in stone yet and this does not constitute an investment contract, Mr. Gensler!

Our goal is to help 100,000 creators on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, podcasts, Substack, Patreon and more to take their very first step into web3. To achieve that scale, we want our as much of our content to be in the public domain as possible. All will be free for now and we intend to always keep most of our foundational content free.

In addition, we have some premium services like consultancy, analysis, we are developing an agency arm to help deliver your project if needed and affiliate arrangements with products and services that we trust. In the future we will likely have premium courses, and memberships and of course our own web3 membership NFT token that may have paid tiers to unlock these premium goodies!

But for now, all we need is your email, a grain of trust and a pinch of optimism for the future of our great creator economy to start delivering value to your Inbox. Someone told me once… “to change someone’s life, start by changing their day“. It resonated with me.

With your permission, we would like the opportunity to change your day and who knows where it could lead. LFG!


Will You Join Us?

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