Up Only

Up Only


That period in a full-on bull market when token prices all seem to just permanently go up. Every single coin whether Bitcoin, scamcoin, vaporware or other just seem to pump forever. This beautiful heavenly time we call a period of “Up Only”. Over a long enough time frame, many people believe Bitcoin and crypto markets are also Up Only, though in the short-term volatility when your net worth drops 60% in a week it does not always seem like that. Up Only is also the name of a popular crypto video podcast (is that even a term?) hosted by @Cobie and @Ledger. At least it is at the time of writing, as they may be sued by Upwork, who actually claim ownership of the word Up in all its uses.

Degen Chat

Degen 1: “Did you see SBF and CZ will be on Up Only next week? There will be some serious alpha dropped on that episode… that is if they don’t all show up late and @ledger doesn’t screw up the technical part.”

Degen 2: “How did that work out?”

Degen 1: “Don’t ask…”

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