Ultrasound Money

Ultrasound Money


One of the many questionable memes in the Ethereum community. In their eternal struggle to one-up Bitcoiners, they tried to co-opt the idea of “hard money” or “sound money” by claiming ETH was not just sound… but… wait for it… ultra sound. Wow. Not content with this clever triumph that knocked the entire Bitcoin community to the ground with its sharpness of wit, they delivered the final crushing blow by adding not one but two emojis to Twitter handles to leave no-one in any doubt as to their memetic genius. Nothing less than a bat and a loudspeaker to communicate to even a late developing 3 year old that they meant to communicate ultra sound. Game, set and match, check mate and touché all in one overthought and over-explained meme package. This was around the time of EIP 1559 and the prospect of ETH not only being programmable via smart contracts but also an attractive store of value if it became deflationary.

Degen Chat

Degen 1: “Why do @Sassal and the @Bankless maxis have bats and things in their twitter handles?”

Degen 2: “Oh yeah… the ultrasound meme of course. Never mind.”

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