First there were Bitcoiners, then there were crypto people, then DeFi degens… behold… the rise of a new demographic: The NFTer. They do not always have a crypto background. They may have entered the space through mainstream rather than underground channels. Like NBA Topshots, Gary Vee or other mainstream influencers. They are often Instagram people, bringing their Zuckerberg-induced web2 prejudices and anger/outrage with them. But often they are wonderful people. Unfortunately because they did not “grow up” with crypto, they often have terrible security practices and are vulnerable to scams. They should join MHOUSE to find welcoming, likeminded people with some OG crypto experience so they can learn best practices and stay SAFU.

Degen Chat

Degen 1: “How was @NFT NYC?”

Degen 2: “It was awesome, but not so many crypto folks there, was more the Gary Vee NFTer crowd. Was still awesome.”

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