The original, OG 10k PFP project. Created by LarvaLabs in 2017, cryptopunks is generally recognised as the first generative collection of NFTs. They are 24 x 24 pixels that are an homage to the early days of the internet, ASCII art, low-end graphics and a simpler time. Dismissed by normies as “a few pixels that a child could do”, the generative algorithm that created them was ground-breaking. At the time, even if it has been copypasta a million times since. Each trait i.e. nose, skin, hair, accessory etc was made in advance in image layers. Thousands of traits were placed online and when they were first minted, the combination of traits was randomly chosen and stitched together at the exact moment of minting. The supply was capped at 10,000, meaning nobody really knew in advance what punks woul be created in what order. Each of the 10,000 is completely unique and original. We can talk about punks for hours, but hopefully this tells you they are anything but a collection of pixels made by a child. They are also a fascinating experiment with how people can develop a relationship and sense of connection with such a simple image.

Degen Chat

Snoop: “I wear blue like @crip and so does my punk.”

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