Binance Smart Chain, also known lovingly as Binance Scam Chain. A “decentralised” chain created by the family run Binance exchange. Jokes aside, this was actually called Ce-De-Fi by CZ… which meant centralized decentralized finance! At the time the chain had around 6 validators who were all thought to be the same person. No doubt it is more decentralized now and it is certainly wildly popular. One of the first successful smart contract chains to provide an alternative to Ethereum and its insanely high gas fees.
Update: It has recently been rebranded to BNB chain.

Degen Chat

Degen 1: “Just made a large investment in cumrocket coin.”

Degen 2: “Really? Where does it trade?”

Degen 1: “BSC”

Degen 2: “Ah, of course!”

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