1/1, 1/1, 1:1 or 1 of 1 Art


Shorthand for One-of-One. A unique piece of art. In traditional art, Rembrandt’s Nightwatch is a 1/1. Many Beeple and XCOPY pieces are one of ones. They generally differ from a 10k PFP project where all the images share many of the same attributes and look similar. 10k PFP projects are sometimes referred to as 1/1/10,000 because while the individual pieces are unique, they look very similar to all 10,000. A 1/1 will usually not share many similarities with any other art piece, though may share a similar style, especially if in a collection.

Degen Chat

“PAK just dropped a 1/1, never saw anything like it before. I’m bidding on it!”

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